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Value Added Services for Aerospace, Defense
and Commercial Manufacturers

Inventory Programs for Fasteners and Components

Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMI)

Eliminate the possibility of running out of fasteners and components with CDP's Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMI). By adjusting the demand and supply gaps, CDP ensures that your production lines will have all of the parts they need exactly when they need them.

Consignment Inventory Programs

Partner with CDP to reduce your inventory in fasteners and components for new products and new sales channels where demand may be unclear. Consignment Inventory Programs offer a shared-risk / shared-reward scenario that can be of great benefit for both companies. With our consignment program you will not take ownership until the day you consume our product or ship it to your end customer.

Handheld Bin Management

CDP's state-of-the-art handheld bin management system integrates pricing and replenishment schedules with mobile computing to allow you to seamlessly scan and upload inventory information from your location. This efficient, streamlined approach to inventory management results in reduced errors and operational delays and an increase in productivity.

Assembly & Product Preparation Services

Assembly Services

Save time and money and let CDP create the assembled components you need to keep the production process moving. Our engineers work with your staff to understand the products and process that's needed then oversee setup and assembly from our skilled team. Why stock all of the components needed for your assembly when CDP can provide you with one line item: The finished product!

Kitting Services

Streamline your production process with kitting services from CDP. With various packaging options, flexible pricing models and delivery methods, CDP has become a strong partner for Aerospace, Defense, Government and Commercial manufacturing clients. Tight quality control procedures comply to Mil-standards resulting in timely, accurate delivery of your fasteners and components. Why receive and process multiple items, when you can receive a KIT ready to roll out to your assembly floor?

Automated Bagging Equipment

To compliment our kitting services, CDP's automated bagging equipment can provide a simple, yet powerful solution to your manufacturing challenges. Our advanced equipment can be customized to bag not just the core product, but also assembly instructions, labels and other necessary components for assembly. From 1 piece to 1000 pieces, let CDP set up a customized bagging solution that meets all of your production or resale needs.

Specialized Ordering & Documentation Systems

EXOSTAR Trading Partner

Just like Raytheon, Boeing, BAE, Lockheed Martin and Rolls- Royce, CDP is an active trading Partner with EXOSTAR. We can provide quotes, receive orders, update orders and invoice all paper free through the EXOSTAR platform.

Industry Expertise

Whether it's DFAR compliant material or ROHS compliant material, CDP can help! With our vast experience, knowledge and expertise in both areas, CDP can help answer any questions you may have.

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