Fasteners and hardware for manufacturers in Canada

CDP exports high quality parts and supplies to our neighbors in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and beyond

Years of experience working with Canadian companies

CDP is proud to offer a full range of fasteners, hardware and supplies to our neighbors in Canada. We've been supplying many US customers with Canadian operations, so we understand the process very well. In fact, we have experience exporting product across North American and the islands for companies like OTIS Elevator.

Partnered with the local experts for exporting to Canada

CDP has partnered with the the Massachusetts Export Center to navigate the various regluations and concerns that come with exporting products over the border. We have the logistics and capability in place to ship to any location in Canada TODAY!

Capitalize on a strong Canadian dollar

Products from the US may seem cheaper than ever with a strong Canadian dollar. And if the loonie continues to strengthen, prices will become even more attractive. Now is the time to stock up on US made fasteners and supplies that you need to run your business.

Access to many high-quality American Made products

Can't find the specific fastners, hardward and supplies that you need? Contact CDP to gain access to thousands of products that may not be available in the Canadian market. Many of our product lines are made in the US, which means high quality and dependability for your project.

CDP Fasteners exports high quality American Made parts to Canadian manufacters

Looking for a reliable supplier with strong industry knowledge?

Learn more about CDP and contact us to explore the ways that we can add value to your supply chain