A sampling of custom elevator components and fasteners

CDP Quiet Cool Oil Cooler

CDP Quiet Cool Oil Cooler

The CDP Quiet Cool is the most quiet elevator oil cooler available on the Elevator Market that exceeds machine room safety standards. The unit reduces oil temperature by up to 40 degrees F with an easy to use manually adjustable thermostat.

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The CDP Quiet Cool is the smallest and lightest weight oil cooler available in the Elevator market. At 55-57 dBA it sounds like a distant dishwasher, while others at 67-99 dBA sound like a gas lawn mower or blender.

Easy to hang and install, the CDP Quiet Cool is perfect for high usage hydraulic elevators, both in-ground with casings, and all hole-less applications. It has been successfully used in Hospitals, Universities, Hotels, Commercial Buildings and Transit applications across the world where 50-60 starts per hour and heavy loaded cars can become an issue.

  • Lowest noise cooler available on the market, only 55 dBa @ 3 Feet
  • Filtration kit readily available
  • Low Noise Level = Safe Working Environment in The Machine Room
  • 21,000 BTU average cooling capacity @ 40 F Temp. Delta (6 KW)
  • Manual Adjustable Thermostat
  • Light Weight For Easy Installation and Handling (unit weight only 61 Lbs.)
  • Single Phase 115/230 volt 60 HZ (Pre wired for 115 & 230 Volt)
  • Complete with Hose Kit (9 1/2 feet x 2) And 2 Fittings
  • Bottom of the unit is slotted for ease of hanging using your own hardware
Top of Car Elevator Safety System from CDP

Top of Car Safety System

The Top of Car Safety System provides a safe, secure platform for elevator technicians, maintenance personnel and inspectors to work from. Comes partially assembled and can be installed by one mechanic. Over 10,000 installed! All hardware necessary for complete installation is supplied with the system - there is nothing else to buy.

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CDP's Top of Car Safety Systems provide a safe, secure platform for technicians, maintenance personnel and inspectors to work from. 3rd party tested to ensure compliance with code. Others say they are built to meet code but we can prove it! Unit arrives partially assembled for easy, fast installation. Composed of 3 pre-cut, pre-assembled lightweight steel strut sections, plus one section adjusted in the field to allow it to be installed by a single mechanic. No drilling or cutting required. Install time is less than 90 minutes.

  • Galvanized steel, eliminates corrosion and loss of integrity.
  • 2 way adjustable, width and depth with all hardware and brackets provided.
  • Clamps to crosshead. Works with low crossheads. Strength not dependent on elevator canopy.
  • No problems with radius cornered canopies.
  • With 30 different configurations in stock, there's a CDP Top of Care Safety System available to fit any size elevator car.

Elevator Replacement Parts

Over time, through normal wear and tear, "play" can develop between moving parts leading eventually to metal fatigue and failure. Proper maintenance extends the safe, useful life of your elevator. CDP's added value replacement parts and railings are inexpensive insurance for both safety and smooth operation.

Elevator Control Box from CDP
Steel tubing for elevators
Safety Straps from CDP Fastener Group
Safety Pins for Elevators from CDP Fastener Group
Replacement nuts and bolts from CDP
Elevator braces from CDP
Clips for use on elevator repair from CDP
CDP brackets for service and repair of elevators